IMG_1878This project has been 2 years in the making. Our marker for the Social Weavers beginning was when our collective gathered in Bangalore in 2014 to explore mutual ideas, connections and creative practices with a variety of cultural thinkers.

The idea of weaving became a strong metaphor for us – we were surrounded by the beautiful colors of woven fabrics worn all around us – sari’s, kurtas, fabrics used of all kinds. It seemed only natural that our sights would turn towards this display of color and design that was surrounding us. We talked about sari’s as a metaphor for the body, expression, design and as a very female centered tradition.

In our first project as a collective The Distance From Me to You, we looked to map all the ways we could become connected across the great stretch of land, ocean and skys between our two locations (San Francisco and Bangalore). With some calculations around sari’s used as a point to measure our distance, we began to think about the unraveling of cloth as a measurement tool – using the threads of a 300 woven sari ‘s- unraveled end to end – would equal the approximate distance from our two locations. The thread could literally connect us.

This is how our project began – on that day we decided to explore the production of 300 sari’s in collaboration with a group of handloom weavers in India who would become our teachers, collaborators and designers in this production process.

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