Why Natural Dyes?



Why Natural Dyes?

There has been a lot of research about the benefits of wearing organic and naturally dyes fabrics. Here are some that lead us to the decision to use natural, organic materials for the Social Wavers project:

  • Natural Dye are more beneficial for our skin as they are not chemical based and so will not block our skin natural need to breath, sweat, etc (what else here?….)
  • Natural Dyes do not produce toxic run off that pollute the land around the dye studios. All ingredients come from the earth and can go back into the earth as a natural, clean substance.
  • Natural Dyes to not off gas toxic fumes when working with them so will not infect skin contact or lungs of those working with them.
  • Natural Dyes are more economically sustainable in the end as the plants used in the process can be grown locally near weaving villages and can create a local market economy.
  • For all the reasons above natural dyes in combination with organic fibers like cotton or silk can render bring vibrant colors that are color fast and remain stable for many wearings and washing of the garment.


There are lots of articles that can be found on the benefits of this – here are a couple we recommend for reference:

What is this called? What dye it sit and what is it made from?